Welcome to Futbology!

Hi, I’m Chris. I am a Korean-American football fanatic — although the term “football” means American football in the U.S. — whose interest in youth football and young talents is huge. This blog was built to simply organize my thoughts on youth players around the world, especially those playing in Europe.

The name of this website, Futbology, comes from combined two terms, “Fútbol (football in Spanish)” and “ology (a field of study)”, since I believe that football has always been my passion to study and requires a lot of thinking just like any other studies. I hope you can build up your passion toward football as big as mine through my posts.



Name: Chris

Date of Birth: March 26th

Place of Residence: WA, United States

Languages Spoken: English(native), Korean(native), Spanish(basic)

Blogging Career: 8 years

Interests: football, reading, writing, analyzing, jersey collecting

Favorite Clubs: Watford F.C., AFC Ajax